Shaan Shahid

Actor, Director, Writer
27 April , 1971

Career Highlights

Shaan Shahid is an efficacious Pakistani performing actor. He is among those on-screen actors of Pakistan who have appeared in numerous high grossing Pakistani movies. Shaan shahid reached the top of the acting ladder because of his alluring acting skills and stead fast commitment with the Pakistani film industry. He is an exceptionally gifted Pakistani actor and referred to be as the lord of Pakistani Cinema because of his versatile performances.

With two decades in Pakistan Film Industry and around 500 films amazingly – a large number of them financially fruitful. Shaan has set up himself as the main on-screen character of Pakistani Cinema and is among the list of high rated Pakistani actors. Shaan began his acting career by debuting in Javed Fazli’s film Bulandi opposite to Reema Khan.

Shaan Shahid Pakistani Actor