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Cinepax comes up with a user-friendly website … at last!

by on February 5, 2016

They say it’s never too late and Cinepax Cinemas has proved it right. Pakistan’s largest cinema chain is now also the only one with a user-friendly website where you can get the names of all the films being screened, book your tickets and above all, pay even if you don’t have a credit card. Interesting, isn’t it? The process is simple … just take a look at the Video clip below and you’ll have an idea.

  1. Cinepax Cinemas launching their website

It’s a good news for the fans of cinema in Pakistan where people used to wait in queues, keep their phones engaged due to non availability of customer service on the other hand or simply lose out on the first-come-first-serve basis. Now you can beat those people who bought their way by being present at the cinema (or having a contact) by logging on to and then select your film, the most appropriate show and pay with your Credit Card or even Debit Card, which no other cinema website offers.

There are other stuff on the website as well; you can read about the Top 5 Films, browse through the Twitter and Facebook feeds and even subscribe to their newsletters. One hopes that the other competing cinemas improve their websites so that there is some competition; otherwise its Cinepax all the way … for now!