Faria Bukhari

by on August 13, 2016

Reels Pakistan had a candid conversation with Faria Bukhari who had her debut in Pakistani Cinema with “Ishq Positive”.

Who is Faria Bukhari? Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m just a girl who has started her career, wishing for the world and hoping that people will accept me as an actor of the bigger screen.

Has the celebrity status affected your relationship with friends and relatives? Do they look at you differently?

Well I have been working as a child star in movies since the age of five. I have done films like Zamana, Phool, Jo Dar Gaya Wo Mar Gaya and a few more. Friends and relatives looked differently then and I remember my schoolmates didn’t hang out much with me and that wasn’t a nice feeling to be honest!

How did Ishq Positive happen to you?

Noor & Wali were auditioning for a female second lead. The finalized a few but somehow their dates clashed and they were unable to give time to the film. Now as luck could have it – I heard Noor-e-Khuda in Wali’s car and asked him if this is the song on the second lead to which he answered in affirmative. The song has such an effect on me that I wanted to be in the film and since then there’s no looking back. People might think that I would’ve had some favours, but believe me, Noor is not the sort who would compromise on what she has envisioned.

Faria Bukhari

Tell us a bit about your audition? How was it? Who took it?

I didn’t have to audition for I had a track record of working on the TV screen. The only thing I had to show was commitment and dedication, which I did and the rest you all have seen.

How is Noor as a Director? Any benefits of being her sister?

*laughs hard* Benefits? NOT AT ALL! Me & Wali used to have the toughest time on sets, for all the anger used to come out on us. With everyone else, Noor was always very sweet!

As a director, I would say she’s a perfectionist. She ran from pillar to post and was always on her toes to get things right. I will also mention our DOP Riz Sherazi who worked relentlessly with Noor to make Ishq Positive a success.

How was it to shift from TV to a larger screen? What’s the difference for you?

I worked in films as a child – and I knew this is where I belong. My father was also a producer so it is films which I’ve seen at home. Yes, there’s a bit of a difference in both mediums. Cinema screen is loud, with TV one has to be more subtle and toned down expressions. So after working in television for some time, I had to be reminded again and again to show more¬†expressions while shooting for Ishq Positive. This is my debut and I have to learn from my mistakes. I’m sure there have been moments which I could do better – but that only comes with time. The biggest difference is, cinema screen captures everything where with television you can get away with a few things.

What’s a good film for you?

Well, I’m not that experienced to comment on the technicalities – as I’ve just stepped in and the learning process has started for me, but from a viewer’s perspective – a film shouldn’t be dragged. People should be engaged through out whatever the genre is and come out of the cinemas thinking that it was time well invested!

Any plans of stepping into Indian Cinema? Any offers?

Yes there are… and I’ll break a news soon!

Are you working on any other Pakistani film? Or back to TV for now?

I am doing TV dramas as we speak and there’s a film too. I’ll share the details soon!

Faria, this is a bit personal … but your male fans have a question to ask. Are you single?

Oh! Very much *smiles*

Where do you see Pakistani Cinema right now and 10 years from now?

It’s picking up. We have three films lined up for Eid. New people are making films – where filmmaking is not only their passion but they have read filmmaking too. Film industry, ten years from now is going to make big. The rise has just begun!

What do you have to say about Reels Pakistan?

This is a wonderful initiative. I know Taimur for some time and the kind of a person he is, for sure will take Pakistani Cinema to everyones mobile and laptop screens. You’re doing serious¬†and authentic work which makes you more credible than others. This is a great contribution towards Pakistani Cinema – about time we take pride and promote our own industry just like it’s done across the border and worldwide!